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This is the hub page for Mercadona, covering all of the latest news and developments for its supply chain, as well as any industry case studies it is part of or profiles of its operations. Click on the links to find out more.

Latest Mercadona news

Mercadona continues to invest in its fresh supply chain and Eroski revamps its health and beauty private label, Belle.

Mercadona’s fresh food operation at its Barcelona distribution centre (DC) is set to be automated, according to press reports.

Mercadona supply chain snapshot
Mercadona snapshot
25 Jul 2016
An essential summary of supply chain priorities, latest network developments, and other key statistics for Mercadona.

Mercadona presentations
The future of distribution? Mercadona's fully automated operation
Case studies
09 Dec 2011
The Spanish retailer Mercadona has invested heavily in its distribution network. Its strategy has been to automate all the main processes in its warehouse operations. This has dramatically reduced its dependency on manual labour, and created some of...