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Latest Availability Insight
Innovation: Morrisons uses AI to improve availability in store
05 Apr 2017
Morrisons is using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve stock availability in-store, along with helping it improve efficiencies and customer service.

Reusable merchandising solutions
Thought leadership
04 Apr 2017
This report explores the current status of reusable merchandisable solutions around the world. It details some key successes and investigates where usage may be increased. Who are the key decision makers? And what barriers are holding back progress?

Availability Infographic
Topic snapshots
11 Jul 2016
Hungry for the latest facts about availability? This infographic provides your essential data and inspiration to help inspire change in your supply chain.

Supply chain benchmarks 2016: availability
19 Apr 2016
We relaunch our benchmarking series for 2016 with availability, covering the highest priority industry KPIs for on-shelf availability and supplier service levels, including new year-on-year comparisons and insight on the latest initiatives for...

Promotional management
Practical guides
19 Feb 2016
Managing promotional activity can be very time consuming and can often feel futile with the increasing demand volatility within the industry. The differing options available to consumers for shop and the wealth of promotions available are all drive...

Asda: using data to tackle phantom stock
Case studies
22 Jul 2015
Asda and RSi have worked together to boost availability through improvements to inventory accuracy. They found that systems were reporting non-existent or phantom inventory, presenting a real opportunity to use a data approach to correct it. By...

Availability news

Thought of the week: Chris looks at how the developing online channel differs from traditional retailing.

Hungry for the latest facts about reusable merchandising solutions? This infographic details the benefits of use and highlights some of the key...
Availability webcasts
Published 03 Mar 2014
Richard Jones looks at what the main causes of poor availability are, what businesses believe are the most successful strategies for improvement, and what two leading businesses - Tesco and Unilever - are each doing to drive up product availability