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Tesco supplier representative forum
Case studies
23 Jan 2017
Tesco has relaunched its supplier representative forum, aiming to strengthen working partnerships by engaging a broader spectrum of its supplier base.

People and innovation: the supply chain route to success
30 Nov 2016
In this presentation, we look at the key themes from IGD’s annual Supply Chain Summit and explore supply chain priorities for 2017 and beyond.

Mind the skills gap
Thought leadership
26 Oct 2016
The supply chain industry is evolving rapidly. Driving an incremental skills and talent shortage in its wake. Uncover the five routes to success to allow you to equip your supply chain for the challenge ahead.

Collaboration snapshot
Topic snapshots
05 Jul 2016
Developing collaborative and trusted partnerships can unlock countless benefits. This two-page guide explains the benefits and provides a four-step guide for change.

Competencies for success
Practical guides
13 Apr 2016
This presentation provides a guide to the key supply chain competencies and how you can identify your own or your team's training needs. They have been identified as essential skills that every supply chain professional would need to demonstrate on...

Supply chain benchmarks: people & partners
10 Dec 2015
In the eighth instalment of IGD’s annual benchmarking survey we investigate industry benchmarks on people and partners. The presentation will assess the differences between training opportunities for suppliers & retailers, along with a...

Collaboration news

Aldi has unveiled new packaging to help consumers reduce food waste.

In his next blog, Alan Hayes explores how we can deliver sustainable changes to our actions, habits or competencies through leadership development.
Collaboration webcasts
Published 14 Dec 2012
Supply change roles are rapidly changing as businesses switch from a tactical to a strategic approach. But which capabilities must you improve to meet the new demands of your trading partners? And where do you begin? Richard Jones and Mala Morris give a practical guide to tackling this challenge.