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Latest Inventory Insight
Robotics: enhancing the supply chain
24 Aug 2016
Businesses around the world and from all sectors are currently investing heavily in robotics, aiming to develop greater efficiency and competitiveness In this report, IGD showcases 18 innovations in robotics from around the world which are relevant...

Inventory Infographic
Topic snapshots
01 Aug 2016
Hungry for the latest facts about inventory? This infographic provides your essential data and inspiration to help inspire change in your supply chain. Discover some quick fire techniques for maximizing inventory in your business.

Supply chain benchmarks 2016: inventory
20 May 2016
In our second benchmarking release for 2016, we look at industry benchmarks on inventory KPIs across the industry. This includes some of the related techniques people are using to reduce stock levels through warehousing or order and delivery...

The impact of inventory
Thought leadership
16 Dec 2014
In this research, we have examined current levels of stock in the supply chain, the lead times that suppliers have from their customers and some of the techniques that are being used to manage stock levels in the supply chain. We know that...

Leveraging quality control for supply chain benefit
Case studies
22 Sep 2014
Unilever has completed a project to speed up the quality control process for its home and personal care products. It achieved this through work with biotechnology company Celsis. This case study looks at how Unilever leveraged this project for...

The changing role of stocked supply chains
Practical guides
14 Nov 2011
As pressure rises on supply chains to cut cost, inventory is under threat. However, there will always be a role for stock in the supply chain, and this presentation examines the stocked supply chain and how it is changing as a result of this...

Inventory news

Lidl has opened a distribution centre in the West Midlands, its largest in the UK.

Analyst opinion: Chris Irish looks at who's influencing in global reusable merchandising solutions.

Inventory webcasts
Published 17 Jun 2014
Richard Jones looks at key findings from our industry-wide survey on how ordering, lead times and inventory levels are evolving within the food and consumer goods supply chain, and what the implications are for retailers and suppliers.