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Latest Cost to serve Insight
Movers and shakers 2016
24 Aug 2016
In this report we bring you all of the key people moves in retail this year so far, and what to expect from the new senior team members.

Cost to serve infographic
Topic snapshots
15 Aug 2016
Hungry for the latest facts about cost to serve? This infographic provides your essential data on how to build an efficient supply chain.

Supply chain benchmarks 2016: cost to serve
08 Aug 2016
In our third benchmarking release for 2016, we explore cost to serve. The ability to measure how much it costs to service customers is vitally important to ensuring profitability. Rapidly changing shopper habits and economic uncertainty are among...

Diageo: building supply chain excellence
Case studies
14 Mar 2016
At a recent analysts' meeting, David Cutter, President of Global Supply and Procurement shared Diageo’s journey to supply chain excellence. With operations in 180 markets, Diageo is a truly global manufacturer. Largely driven through...

Practical guide for waste prevention
Practical guides
11 Mar 2015
Product and packaging waste costs the industry £7b per year, almost 4% of the total grocery market. This practical guide provides advice, best practice, tools and examples of what others are doing to help prevent product and packaging waste in the...

Supply chain cost and service
Thought leadership
06 Jan 2015
In a highly competitive and low growth retail environment the ability of businesses to give customers what they want, driving loyalty and sales, while constraining costs, to deliver sustainable profits, will be crucial to success. This is IGD’s...

Cost to serve news

Thought of the week: Suzannah thinks about the possibilities of food waste power

Thought of the week: Alan Hayes considers how supply chains operate on a fine balance between efficiency and performance.

Cost to serve webcasts
Published 02 Mar 2015
In a highly competitive, low growth environment, the ability to give customers what they want while constraining costs is crucial to success. This webinar with Darren Smillie explores what it takes to succeed with these fundamental priorities for supply chains.