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Latest Planning & responsiveness Insight
Supply chain fundamentals: demand sensing
20 Feb 2017
New for 2017, Supply chain: fundamentals will help you get to grips with a selection of key supply chain topics. The first report in the series focuses on demand sensing.

Increasing resilience in food and grocery supply chains
Thought leadership
08 Feb 2017
This presentation identifies how food and grocery businesses can increase the resilience of their supply chains, and be better able to absorb shocks and risks in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world.

Supply chain benchmarks 2016: forecasting
02 Sep 2016
Our fourth benchmarking release for 2016, we look at industry benchmarks on forecasting KPIs across the industry. New for 2016, year on year comparisons and more in depth investigation and opinion on bias, forecast accuracy and aggregation amongst...

Propercorn: Supply chain reconfiguration
Case studies
09 Aug 2016
Propercorn is the fastest growing non-tech start-up in the UK and supplying sample products of its popcorn at events has been a key part of the company’s growth. However as the company grew, the number of requests for sample products exploded....

Demand planning and forecasting snapshot
Topic snapshots
17 May 2016
Forecasting and planning are the most important functions to get right in the supply chain – this two slide presentation provides all you need to know.

Promotional management
Practical guides
19 Feb 2016
Managing promotional activity can be very time consuming and can often feel futile with the increasing demand volatility within the industry. The differing options available to consumers for shop and the wealth of promotions available are all drive...

Planning & responsiveness news

Chinese online giant,, has announced its latest supply chain investment: a logistics business unit, JD Logistics.

Analyst opinion: Chris Irish considers the future of supply chains.

Planning & responsiveness webcasts
Published 31 Jul 2015
Darren Smillie explores the current challenges affecting forecasting, how businesses are improving their planning by working collaboratively, the increasing role responsiveness will play in complementing forecasting in the future, and where you should focus your efforts to improve your forecast accuracy