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Analyst opinion: adapting after impact


Following its launch at the 2016 IGD Supply Chain Summit, we recently published our thought leadership, Supply Chain Technology: Adapting after impact. The research looks at how technology and automation may affect the supply chain in the future.

Our research shows that over two-thirds of our survey respondents are increasing their investment in supply chain technology, highlighting its importance.

The research addresses three main questions:

  1. Will technology be the tool to enhance the role of employees or will It replace them?
  2. Does change lead technology or technology lead change? The chicken or egg conundrum.
  3. How do we find a balance between investing in technology and minimising risk?

To support our research, we analysed a report published by Frey & Osborne in 2013 titled ’The future of employment’ and perhaps unsurprisingly, the first, and most likely supply chain roles to be automated are conveyor operators, farm workers, and warehouse pickers. Roles that are heavily reliant on face-to-face interactions and relationship building are least at risk, with only a 2% probability of the customer supply chain manager role being automated.

To see how technology is reshaping businesses, you only need to look to Amazon, which constantly adapts and updates its supply chain model. From Prime Now to Echo and most recently with its successful drone trial, it has integrated technology to improve the customer experience. The future winners won’t be those that can merely keep up, but those that uncover and deploy technology to best meet a customer need. To see the full report, take a lookhere.