Collaboration at the heart of your supply chain

Imagining interactions between disruptors


Alan Hayes imagines future interactions between old and new disruptors.

Tesco has recently announced it will ship goods from China to the UK using the Trans Siberian Express freight route, using much of the original route built between 1890 and 1905. Combining old and new disruptors offers the possibility of some fascinating conversations. Such as:

“Hey Siri. When will my new dishwasher be delivered?”

“In 7 days time, hopefully”

“Siri. Why do you say hopefully?”

“You ordered from Tesco. The delivery time depends on the Trans-Siberian Express freight train being on time.”

“Siri. Is my dishwasher on the Trans Siberian Express?”

“Yes. That is the information which the Tesco website has provided me with.”

“Siri. Can I travel on the Trans Siberian Express?”

“Only on passenger services.”

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