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Tesco's food waste hotline


Thought of the week: Suzannah looks into Tesco’s new waste initiative

“Hello? Tesco waste hotline, how can I help?”

This week, Tesco has launched a waste hotline to further combat food waste in the supply chain.

The new online tool creates a direct link between suppliers and Tesco’s Product teams. The aim is to enable Tesco and its suppliers to respond more quickly and dynamically to potential supply chain food waste. As weather becomes more difficult to forecast, the hotline could provide Tesco with the edge it needs to become more responsive.

It’s not just about reacting to short-term issues, though. The hotline will help suppliers work more closely with Tesco to identify longer term waste problems as they occur. Tesco is committed to helping the industry half all UK food waste by 2025, and has its own goal of achieving zero surplus food waste by the end of this year.

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