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16-Mar-2017 to form IoT logistics lab


Together with Zebra Technologies and Digital China, has launched an IoT research and development laboratory.

Collaborating for online excellence

The lab will focus on developing future innovations and solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) and ecommerce logistics. Zebra Technologies and Digital China will provide with new transport, logistics and order fulfilment solutions to develop, test and implement. In 2017, the joint venture aims to:

  • Help improve the productivity of its current picking and packaging operations using mobile devices;
  • Increase the visibility of trays and cage trolleys used in's operations; and
  • Find potential applications of machine vision and data analytics in the logistics industry.

Sharing breakthrough logistics technologies

Bing Fu, VP of Jingdong Group and Head of Logistics Planning and Development at Jingdong Mall, commented: "For more than a decade, has continuously invested in logistics technologies and accumulated rich experiences in technology operations and management, collaborating long-term with leading companies in the industry, such as Zebra Technologies and Digital China. We look forward to the potential of this lab with Zebra and Digital China and share breakthrough technologies in the logistics field to achieve win-win outcomes."

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