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Building online success on shifting sands

Chris explores the current state of online fulfilment, assessing the factors that are influencing the development of the online channel...

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The protective power of productivity

IGD's Chief Economist, James Walton, offers his take on how a productive supply chain can help businesses to create material value for shareholders...

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Leadership development in action

Alan Hayes explores how we can deliver sustainable changes to our actions...

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Supply chain transformation at Target

Stewart looks at what’s driving Target’s supply chain investment in the US...

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Supply chain learner journeys

Alex looks at the importance of supply chain learner journeys in a world of change....

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Icebergs: risks and resilience

Recently, we've seen increased incidences of extreme weather related interruptions to our global food supply chains. Alan Hayes considers the growing need for food businesses to consider how they anticipate these interruptions...

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Making it stick: the art of transformational change

Most of us are acutely aware of the accelerating pace of change within our industry, and the unprecedented uncertainty which now accompanies this. Alan Hayes explores how we can take control of change within our organisations, especially in supply chains functions, in response to external influences...

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Top trends for 2017

After a changeable 2016, Suzannah Murphy looks ahead to 2017 and what the year might have in store...

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Online: the path to profitability

In his latest blog, Chris Irish takes a look at how the online channel has fundamentally changed the face of retail across the world...

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Mind the skills gap!

With the skills gap widening each day, equipping your business with the right capabilities and expertise will be key to success in the technologically empowered supply chain. Alex Edge explores five possible routes to success...

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The supply chain: a chaotic system?

With growth hard to come by, untangling your supply chain cost to serve may be more important than ever. Chris Irish explores how decisions made at one end of a supply chain can have a profound impact at the other and untangling this web may help you uncover hidden costs to remove and increase your business’s profitability...

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The supply chain technology revolution

Technology is having a profound impact on supply chains and on the people who work in them. Darren Smillie investigates how automation is reshaping supply chain structures and skillsets and uncovers ways in which businesses can manage the disruption…

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The rules of (data) acquisition

There is a clear split in the strategies that businesses currently deploy to acquire data for their supply chains. Darren Smillie examines the options and why it’s so important to have a plan for the data driven future…

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Keeping up with the drones

In the race to eliminate last-mile logistics costs, Suzannah Murphy looks at who's doing what in the busy world of drone innovations...

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The strategic operator: paradox or priority?

Delivering the KPI’s was once the be-all and end-all, but today’s supply chains call for something more. The ‘strategic operator’, capable of operating and innovating to help businesses win. Chris Irish investigates what’s changed and why we need to as well...

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The three laws of supply chain motion

Darren Smillie examines how supply chains, in these times of unprecedented change, can fall back on some universal truths to navigate the uncharted waters ahead...

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Adapting for an uncertain future

Change in the FMCG supply chain is accelerating at a rate never seen before, driving complexities across the industry. Well, this is the opinion of more than 25 supply chain leaders that met at IGD’s ECR board strategy day. Alex agrees with them…

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The robots are coming!

The need for speed, especially in the online arena, is driving investment in supply chain automation. Has the food and grocery industry finally shaken off past demons to embrace supply chain automation? Laura shares her thoughts.

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Why China’s supply chain will set the standard

Darren Smillie looks at how China is uniquely poised to take the lead in supply chain innovation through a combination of ambition, agility and ability.

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Reducing wasted miles: how can we deliver change?

Following IGD's recent Reducing Wasted Miles event, Chris Irish explores how we can deal with one of the biggest challenges facing the food and consumer goods industry.

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Amazon: making supply chain cool

What can the industry learn from Amazon’s seemingly limitless capability for innovation? Laura John shares her thoughts.

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Trust: what have you got to lose?

Alex Edge explores the world of trust and sharing best practise within supply chain.

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Supply chain capabilities for a new world

Darren Smillie looks at capabilities which will underpin supply chain success in the future.

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