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Here you will find links to IGD's other web services and to the websites for ECR

Useful IGD links
IGD provides information, insight and research for the food and grocery industry including conferences with retailers, market research reports, workshops and customised training.

Retail Analysis
IGD's online guide to retailers and markets

ShopperVista is IGD’s new online Shopper Insight subscription service...a complete monthly analysis of grocery shopper sentiment.

ECR Europe
ECR Europe is committed to delivering a more efficient grocery supply chain by delivering benefits to consumers.

The UK initiative, providing industry leadership, education and guidance on key issues.

Leading Edge
Accelerate your personal development with free masterclasses and webinars on core competence topics including communication and management.

Supply chain glossary
Confused by supply chain and logistics jargon? Our handy glossary offers common definitions of many of the words, phrases and abbreviations commonly used in the industry.