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Published 25 May 2016
Darren Smillie and Chris Irish examine the critical role of Supply Chain in adapting to, meeting and pre-empting growing customer demands, in order to support sustainable growth into the future.
Published 29 Feb 2016
Alex Edge explains how trusted partnerships could unlock the competitive advantage needed for sustainable and profitable growth within your business by examining industry perceptions around collaboration, how to overcome barriers and ways to strengthen relationships.
Published 19 Oct 2015
What constitutes Supply Chain Excellence? What are the hallmarks of success and how can you instil them in your business? Hear from SOMI, the winner of IGD's 2015 Supply Chain Excellence award, whose innovative trailer can hold an extra 31% more pallets/cages than a standard HGV trailer.
Published 31 Jul 2015
Darren Smillie explores the current challenges affecting forecasting, how businesses are improving their planning by working collaboratively, the increasing role responsiveness will play in complementing forecasting in the future, and where you should focus your efforts to improve your forecast accuracy
Published 02 Mar 2015
In a highly competitive, low growth environment, the ability to give customers what they want while constraining costs is crucial to success. This webinar with Darren Smillie explores what it takes to succeed with these fundamental priorities for supply chains.
Published 20 Oct 2014
Richard Jones explores key supply chain issues for retailers and manufacturers seeking success in a multichannel environment
Published 17 Jun 2014
Richard Jones looks at key findings from our industry-wide survey on how ordering, lead times and inventory levels are evolving within the food and consumer goods supply chain, and what the implications are for retailers and suppliers.
Published 03 Mar 2014
Richard Jones looks at what the main causes of poor availability are, what businesses believe are the most successful strategies for improvement, and what two leading businesses - Tesco and Unilever - are each doing to drive up product availability
Published 25 Oct 2013
Richard Jones explores key findings from our 2013 Global Supply Chain Leaders Survey, to help you benchmark your strategy and operations against the main challenges and priorities that supply chain leaders have identified
Published 14 Dec 2012
Supply change roles are rapidly changing as businesses switch from a tactical to a strategic approach. But which capabilities must you improve to meet the new demands of your trading partners? And where do you begin? Richard Jones and Mala Morris give a practical guide to tackling this challenge.
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