The Internet of Things in the supply chain

The Internet of Things has the potential to transform many areas of our lives and the supply chain is no exception. IGD has researched the opportunity to help businesses set themselves up for success. A summary of the first of our three reports – about the evolution of the opportunity and the strategic implications – is available for you to download for free below.

The IGD framework of IoT forecasts

IGD is making nine predictions about the evolution and impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on the consumer, the supply chain and businesses. These are based around how IoT will create connections through greater transparency and facilitating partnerships, disrupt dogma by fundamentally changing the way businesses operate, and reinvent value through the creation of new services and applications, both consumer facing and internal.

These nine predictions are outlined below and expanded upon, individually, along with their supporting evidence, in this report.

The IGD framework of IoT forecasts

Future reports will then take you through:

  • The applications for the supply chain
  • The practical considerations and overcoming the barriers

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