Customer centric presentations


In this report, we explore the transformational journey that James Jones & Sons Limited went on to develop Upall®, a new, innovative pallet protection system.
This is part of a series of reports that highlight how the world could change after the COVID-19 pandemic. This report looks at how "more frequent business disruption" could affect the industry in the future and explores ways businesses can prepare to mitigate against it.
In this report, we look at how StarStock, a technology provider specialising in hospitality and leisure, has launched a national, not-for-profit initiative that is not necessarily part of StarStock’s core business. This initiative supports pubs to sell food and drinks direct-to-consumer (
In this report, we explore multiple examples of how retailers, but also foodservice and catering suppliers are reaching out to shoppers, in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
This report explores the Loop platform, from TerraCycle, detailing what its introduction could mean for key stakeholders in the supply chain.
Your guide to key developments, ways of working and strategic priorities in the Tesco supply chain.
This report explores the concept of demand forecasting. Precisely, the report looks at types of forecasting, forecast error measures, and details the challenges that forecasters might encounter.
This report provides a definition of demand planning, and other adjacent concepts such as demand management and demand forecast.
Each year, we call out the trends we believe will most influence supply chains in the year to come. In this report, we detail our selection, bringing to life our thinking with case studies and raising questions and considerations to help you capitalise.
This report looks at how blockchain is progressing in the food and consumer goods industry, including what's been achieved so far, future prospects and whether it can deliver value for businesses that have invested.