As a subscriber to IGD’s Supply Chain Analysis, you can access five virtual roundtable events per year. We’ll select a hot topic for each session and over the course of two hours, our Supply Chain experts will deliver their insight to provoke discussion. You will also be given the opportunity to participate in discussion with your peers via interactive breakouts.

Delegates can use these sessions to connect, deconstruct topics and share ideas with like-minded professionals.

To ensure you get the most out of these sessions, places are limited to 20 individuals per roundtable.

These events are invite only. To find out more please contact your account manager or our Supply Chain Analysis team


04 November 2020 | 14:00-16:00 GMT

Sustainability is perhaps the biggest buzzword in the food and grocery industry right now, but what do high-level pledges mean for those working in supply chain? Join industry peers to explore how the push for more sustainable operations is being achieved and how supply chains are evolving to deliver the vision.

Why attend?

Find out what sustainability means, specifically for supply chains, directly from our experts.

Learn how the industry is tackling the subject.

Explore what activities companies have adopted and how they are contributing to progress.

Uncover opportunities and actively contribute to business goals in your group discussions.


  • Introduction
  • IGD Insight share
  • Breakout 1: How has the sustainability agenda impacted your role and the way your supply chain function operates?
  • Debrief: Group share
  • Breakout 2: Going forwards, what practical steps should be taken by supply chain functions to help businesses deliver their sustainability pledges?
  • Debrief: Group share
  • Conclusions, wrap-up, next steps

This event is invite only. To find out more please contact your account manager or our Supply Chain Analysis team