Carrefour buys lunch delivery firm Dejbox

Date : 06 January 2020

French retailer Carrefour announced the acquisition of Dejbox, a start-up that provides lunch delivery service to office workers.

About Dejbox

Founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, Dejbox is an online canteen for office workers. Essentially, employees can order their lunch online, for the cost of a restaurant voucher (ranging from €5.90 to €8.90) and have it delivered to their workplace without additional cost. The start-up, which employs just over 300 employees, operates in several major French cities and towns, and delivers over 400,000 meals on a monthly basis.

What does this mean?

Thanks to the acquisition, Carrefour will be able to make use of Dejbox’s network and platform. It will also help it venture into the business-to-employee market, and therefore expand its e-grocery offerings.

The financial terms of the acquisition haven’t been disclosed.

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