Coles to open automated DCs

Date : 10 October 2018

Coles has announced that it plans to open two new automated distribution centres over the next five years.

Bringing global best practice to Australia

Coles has partnered with Witron Logistics, a specialist in automated warehousing, to open the two ambient facilities. The new centres will be a big step forward for Coles in terms of modernising its supply chain, which delivers over 1bn cartons a year to its stores. The business conducted a global search for best practice before appointing Wuiron, who are already working on over 50 automated projects for major retailers around the world.

Medium to long term efficiency gains

The centres will be funded out of Coles' overall capital expenditure budget, with the investment having been approved by the incoming Coles Board. Coles MD, Steven Cain, commented, "Coles is committed to improving efficiency and stock availability in stores and delivering higher service levels for our customers. The investment we are making in this technology is expected to lower supply chain costs, provide safer working environments and enhance our business competitiveness.”

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