Edeka Nord starts the construction of a new warehouse in Germany

Date : 04 October 2019

Edeka Nord has started the construction of its new warehouse for fresh produce, located in the Eichhof business park in Neumünster.

25-hectare site

The new warehouse will be located in a 25-hectare site in the north of Neumünster. According to Edeka, the new facility will provide the retailer ‘decisive advantages’.

The retailer is also planning to build another warehouse for frozen goods, and a semi-automated high-bay warehouse for dry products. The relocation to Eichhof will enable the retailer to align its logistics with the sales and commercial requirements.

Martin Steinmetz, chief executive of Edeka Nord, said: "The planned reorganisation of the warehouse and subsequently the other departments in the business park Eichhof is a clear commitment to the Neumünster site and investment in the future of our company".

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