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Walmart is digitising its business to create a data-driven organisation. This report captures the latest developments in Walmart's digitisation strategy and what they mean for its omnichannel proposition. Key focus areas include: • What digitisation means to Walmart • Walmart's digital labs and test centres • Execution in Walmart Supercenters and Sam's club stores • Improvements to Walmarts omnichannel service • Structural and personal changes
A robot which can harvest soft-fruits, such as raspberries, has completed its first testing phase.
Farmy is a Swiss online grocery store that only sells regional and organic products from Switzerland. The only exceptions are products that cannot be sourced from Switzerland, such as olive oil and coffee.
This report details and demonstrates how AI is leaving the lab and entering grocery supply chains, with examples and use cases from within and beyond the food and consumer goods industry.
This report looks at how robots in the retail environment are evolving, reviewing 8 examples from around the world and what the future holds.
This report explores why omnichannel fulfilment is a growing influencer of retail success, what a flexible omnichannel network looks like, and how businesses including Carrefour, Walmart, Ocado, Jumbo and Alibaba are creating them.
Discover how Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Nestlé and others are uncovering logistics cost savings through collaborating with service providers. This report explores a number of best practice case studies from across the FMCG industry.
The next instalment of supply chain fundamentals looks at the world of smart warehousing and equipment. This report explores how technology is empowering operators to improve efficiency, optimise processes and deliver better service.
We look at the current landscape for self-driving cars, what this means for driverless trucks and the impacts across the food and grocery industry.
This report explores the current status of reusable merchandisable solutions around the world. It details some key successes and investigates where usage may be increased. Who are the key decision makers? And what barriers are holding back progress?