Vulnerabilities in the global supply chain: setting up for disruption

In the final report of the vulnerabilities series, we examine how your supply chain strategies can create new risks to be managed as well as improving your ability to serve the needs of your customers. 
Essentially, we’ll provide insight on the following aspects:
* Benefits and compromises of centralisation
* Benefits and compromises of decentralisation
* How greater automation can introduce new challenges
* Digitalisation and the cyberthreat
* How cutting costs creates vulnerabilities
* The importance of developing and acquiring capabilities to respond

The report also outlines the things to keep in mind going forward:
* Sophisticated modelling of supply chain scenarios can help highlighting risks and opportunities
* Diversifying the supply base can reduce the impact of disruption
* Regular inventory reviews based on horizon scanning exercises can protect you from predictable disruption
* Being aware of and open to new approaches that aim to address challenges created by a more volatile world
* Embracing new techniques in order to develop capability