Case studies


This case study looks at how CHEP has created an industry-leading technology that provides pallet and product visibility across the supply chain. The work covered in this case study has seen CHEP shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 IGD Supply Chain Excellence award category.
This case study looks at HSG’s journey to create a lean, customer centric, high performing supply chain. The work covered in this case study has seen HSG shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 IGD Supply Chain Excellence award category.
This case study explores a multi-country, multi-year initiative – LOGISTAR – which aims to deliver a decision-making support tool for planning and optimisation of transport operations in the logistics supply chain.
This case study looks at Percol’s journey to introduce its new plastic-free, home compostable coffee packaging through an innovative partnership.
This case study focuses on Metro Group's development of "SCOT", an online supplier collaboration tool, which helped improve availability for customers and increase sales across several markets.
This case study focuses on how SPAR International used best practice and expertise from its global operations and applied it to develop a modern centralised distribution centre for its new business in Saudi Arabia.
We take a deep dive on how Heineken, the winner of 2018 IGD’s Supply Chain Excellence Award, demonstrated that collaboration between teams and the use of new analytical techniques can deliver clear business benefits, improve product availability and reduce costs. Essentially, we investigate how the company has made use of open-source data management tools and free weather data source to improve the accuracy of its forecasts, resulting in a reduction of lost sales and additional costs.
In this case study, we look at how SPAR’s international expertise and strategic partnerships is used to develop a more sustainable, responsive supply chain model in China. Precisely, we explore how SPAR’s team in Guangdong has partnered with Swire Beverages, a Coca-Cola franchisee to switch from loose-loaded deliveries to fully palleted deliveries. The project has three core objectives: * Improve labour efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain * Maximise the opportunities offered by recent standards set by the government * Maintain or decrease operational costs SPAR and Coca-Cola had to challenge themselves to overcome both physical and cultural obstacles to achieve the desired result. However, the success of the collaboration was due to: * A clear vision * Agreed goals and solutions * Exploring, evaluating and resolving differences Overall, the project has helped develop new ways of working within the Chinese market, setting new standards.
Greencore won the IGD Learning and Development Award in 2018 for Grow with Greencore, its online learning platform. In this case study, we explore how Greencore invested in its people to transform its culture and improve engagement.
This case study looks at how SKUtrak, a SaaS platform provided by Atheon Analytics, has helped Co-op and Muller save time, effort and resource in processing and visualising large volumes of data whilst helping to grow sales. We outline the journey of this collaboration that helped 'humanise' the data, which has numerous benefits.