These presentations on the fundamentals of supply chain are designed to build your supply chain knowledge. Each topic is explored in detail, with an introduction, key details and useful information, supported by cases studies, examples of practical applications and material on possible future developments.

Inventory is the fulcrum on which retailers balance cost and service. Effective management of it directly influences business objectives and decisions – from sales to waste, to cash flow and investment.

A responsive supply chain helps businesses serve customers better. Take a look at what makes a responsive supply chain and explore what others have done to improve their responsiveness and what you can do to improve yours.

Explore how implementing a sales and operational planning (S&OP) process can improve forecast accuracy, reduce costs and transform how a business runs.

Discover IGD’s framework for customer centric supply chains to understand how leading FMCG organisations are shaping their supply chains from the shelf back.

Extend your knowledge of supply chain distribution models in our latest supply chain fundamentals report. Find out how different distribution networks balance cost and service as businesses work to meet and exceed customer expectations.

This report explores why CPFR is important and how implementing it between retailers and suppliers can improve availability, reduce costs and could lead to bigger strategic projects within a trusted partnership.

This report explores how a VMI programme can help businesses improve service, operate more efficiently and build collaborative relationships with business partners.

This report explores how technology is empowering operators to improve efficiency, optimise processes and deliver better service.

This edition of supply chain fundamentals focuses on the bullwhip effect.

This edition of supply chain fundamentals will explore the world of reusable merchandising solutions.

This report in the supply chain fundamentals series focuses on demand sensing.

Discover the challenges for operators and the supply chains that support foodservice.

Discover how Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Nestlé and others are uncovering logistics cost savings through collaborating with service providers. This report explores a number of best practice case studies from across the FMCG industry.

This report outlines the role of packaging in the store's shelves and its importance to shoppers. Essentially, packaging can help influence shoppers' decision to purchase the product, help the product standout and also build the brand. 

In this report, we explore ranging strategies, highlighting the implications of choices on the supply chain activities of both retailers and manufacturers.

This report explores the rise of discounters and how their supply chain operations contribute to their success. It also looks to the future, detailing the challenges discounters face and how they may need to adapt.

Using global examples from retailers including Walmart, E.Leclerc, Carrefour and Amazon, among others, we explore different click and collect formats and how retailers and operators are approaching the opportunity.