The Internet of Things (IoT) in the supply chain

IoT will have a profound impact on the way the supply chains of tomorrow operate. Understanding what this means for your business will set you up for success in an increasingly interconnected world. Check-out IGD’s IoT content and start your journey today.


IoT is creating connections, disrupting dogma and reinventing value – explore IGD’s nine predictions about the evolution and impact of IoT on supply chains.

Assess current and potential applications of IoT. See how IoT is being used to solve problems, improve performance and develop new streams of revenue.

Turn ideas into actions by following IGD’s roadmap for IoT development, helping you address common barriers to successful implementation.


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How might an IoT-enabled food and grocery supply chain, with live consumer and product level insight enable efficient, responsive solutions that meet needs and create value throughout the chain?

Many are investing in IoT, but estimates for how many interconnected devices will exist in five years’ time vary hugely. Why? Well, just because a device can be connected, that doesn’t mean it will be, or indeed, should be… 

As IoT gathers pace, and more and more devices connect with each other, there are still more questions than answers on how to leverage the array of opportunities that the phenomenon presents…



The Internet of Things revolution is well underway; there are a number of challenges to overcome and understanding how to navigate them will be key to making the most of the opportunity.

IoT will have a profound impact on the way the supply chains of tomorrow operate. We’ve given you an infographic map to guide you through implementing an IoT project.