Ahold Delhaize confirms micro-fulfilment deal with Takeoff

Date : 14 November 2018

Ahold Delhaize held its Capital Markets Day on 13th November, and confirmed that it is the latest business to link with Takeoff Technologies to create new micro-fulfilment centres (MFCs).

Source: TakeOff Technologies

Enabling omnichannel growth

JJ Fleeman, President of Peapod Digital Labs, described a plan to expand the availability of Click and Collect to over 600 stores by 2019, and a vision to ensure that 65% of US customers have access to same-day delivery by the end of 2020.

In a video played during the presentation, Ahold Delhaize said: “We’re automating assortments tailored to local tastes, enabling customers to receive the freshest products in as little as an hour from facilities right in their local stores or nearby locations, that leverage existing real estate and reduce last-mile delivery costs.”

Advantages of micro-fulfilment

The presentation confirmed some of the key advantages offered by such facilities, including proximity to customers to reduce delivery times and costs, high levels of productivity, low capital costs and short build time. Ahold Delhaize said they would build such facilities either within existing stores or as standalone units.

Source: Ahold Delhaize

Growth of micro-fulfilment

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Takeoff’s recent link-ups with Albertsons and Sedano’s in the US, and CommonSense Robotics’ first openings in Israel. We believe this type of facility offers retailers a flexible way to enhance their ecommerce and omnichannel offerings, a key feature of future supply chains.

For more on the role of fulfilment in these future supply chains, head to our newly-released Supply Chains for Growth report.

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