Tesco uses robots to make food grocery deliveries

Date : 09 January 2019

Tesco customers can place orders via an app for grocery deliveries made by robot.

Tesco is working with Starship Technologies to offer customers the ability to order groceries from a Tesco Extra store in Milton Keynes. Deliveries in as little as 15 minutes, within a 2-mile radius of the store, will be possible. There are over 1000 products listed on the Starship App, and customers will pay the standard shelf price, plus £1 for delivery.

The robots can carry up to 10 kilos in weight and travel up to 4 mph. Each robot has a GPS tracking system, it can be controlled by a remote operator and its location can be viewed by the customer on the app. Groceries are picked in store, then placed in a secure compartment and the customer can access their purchases through a link sent to them through the app.

Source: Starship Technologies

Increased robot usage across food and grocery industries.

Starship Technologies previously trialled unaccompanied robot deliveries in Milton Keynes with Co-op in 2018, fulfilling around 1,000 grocery orders. Co-op used the robots again over the Christmas period to deliver groceries and collect letters from children to deliver to Santa. Co-op will be continuing the trial with the robots this year. Usage of these robots has also been trialled by Just Eat for takeaway food deliveries and also by Hermes for parcel deliveries.