Walmart files two patents around drone deliveries

Date : 08 October 2019

Walmart filed this week a couple of patents around drone deliveries. These patents reflect new designs that deal with the way packages are safely and securely dropped off when they reach their final destination.

First patent

Looking at drones’ deliveries taking place around us, packages are being delivered by simply dropping them on the ground. However, Walmart’s first patent aims to change the current way of carrying out deliveries. Essentially, the design (figure below) envisions a landing platform that’s situated outside a building, which receives a signal from the drone letting it know that the package is ready to be delivered, triggering the opening of a trap door. According to the patent, a ‘transportation system’ then transfers the package from the trap door to the inside of the building. It’s not clear yet whether a slide or another automated system will be used to move the package.

Source: Walmart


Second patent

The second patent that’s been filed by Walmart imagines a simpler way to carry out drone deliveries. In essence, the design envisions a window unit that includes a frame holding a net where the package can be dropped, alongside sensors that confirm the delivery of the package.

The new patents’ filing comes few months after Amazon has announced its intention to launch drone deliveries ‘within months’, although the main challenge facing both retailers is going to be the granting of regulatory approval.

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