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In a bid to stop using plastic carrier bags, Tesco is set to scrap them from its online groceries’ delivery business.

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Tesco is piloting delivery robots, in an attempt to serve its customers by using technology. Four-mile radius Tesco is teaming up with Starship, a US based company that develops autonomous delivery vehicles that can carry goods within a four-mile radius. The trial is being carried out at its Milton Keynes shops where customers are able to place orders via an app. The move aims to improve...
We’ve brought together the latest news and initiatives relating to recycling and sustainability. In this round-up, we’ll review how Tesco is planning to trial a new innovative system that converts plastic to oil, while Asda is set to launch a partnership that aims to increase the recyclability of baby food pouches. We’ll also look at Aldi’s pledge to develop fully sustainable packaging by 2025, w...
We look in more detail at how Tesco is trialling removing plastic packaging on some of its fruit and vegetables. Plastic-free for 45 products In an effort to reduce plastic waste Tesco has launched a month-long trial to remove plastic packaging on a selection of its fruit and vegetables. The trial will take place in its Watford and Swindon stores. The plastic packaging will be removed from 45...


On shelf availability (OSA) provides retailers with a shopper perspective of service and a view of overall supply chain effectiveness. This report explores shopper responses to out of stock products and what retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Co-op are doing to improve OSA.
An essential summary of supply chain priorities, latest network developments, and other key statistics for Tesco in Europe (excluding UK) and Asia.
An essential summary of supply chain priorities, latest network developments, and other key statistics for Tesco UK.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the UK government’s independent forecasting body, has issued a new edition of its regular Fiscal Risks Report.

This includes interesting content, relevant to grocery businesses. Chapter Nine examines climate change as a threat to economic performance and fiscal outcomes.

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