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Ahold Delhaize’s subsidiary, Giant Food Stores, has announced plans to build a new online fulfilment hub and pickup facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Stop & Shop, a subsidiary of Dutch retailer Ahold Delhaize based in the US, is planning to open a DC at a former JCPenney facility in Manchester, Connecticut. A 15-year lease Stop & Shop is due to use 975,000 square feet of the 1.95 million square feet facility, while JC Penney agreed to stay in the remaining space. Stop & Shop plans to acquire the facility in April. The move forms part ...
Ahold Delhaize USA is due to invest $480 million to transform and expand its supply chain operations on the U.S East coast. A fully integrated self-distribution model The aim of the three-year strategy is to shift the company’s U.S supply chain into a fully integrated, self-distribution model. Under the plan, Ahold Delhaize USA will acquire three distribution centres from C&S Wholesale Groc...
Automated micro-fulfillment has emerged as one of the key trends in the US grocery ecommerce channel. We recently visited a site with Takeoff Technologies, the leading company in this space with multiple sites operational, to see its model in action. Range of fulfillment models The challenge of developing a profitable model for grocery ecommerce as it scales is underpinning much of the in...


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