Alibaba’s Cainiao opens China’s largest robotic warehouse

Date : 31 October 2018

In the lead up to the world’s biggest shopping day, Alibaba’s logistics affiliate has opened a facility that uses 700 robots.

Introducing the Cainiao Future Park

The Cainiao Future Park in Wuxi, near Shanghai, has opened just in time for Singles Day (11th November), the world’s largest shopping event. The facility uses technology and over 700 robots to control everything from temperature and humidity to guiding vehicles towards available parking space, as well as assessing warehouse storage capacities and the height of inventory stacking in real time.

Managing logistics at scale

Earlier this year, Cainiao unveiled its ‘smart’ system to manage logistics facilities at scale. The Cainiao Future Park takes away the traditionally labour-intensive operations, including manual loading, scheduling and monitoring. It replaces them with systems based around Internet of Things (IoT) applications, big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

30% efficiency improvement

Assembly lines will be fully automated, with robotic arms and automatic guided vehicles on the warehouse floor. These self-charging robots have been developed to reduce staff walking by an average of 50,000 steps a day, improving efficiency by 30%.