Amazon launches 'Dash Smart Shelf'

Date : 26 November 2019

Amazon has announced the launch of its new self-ordering shelf, called ‘Dash Smart Shelf’.

How does it operate?

The shelf, which is connected to Wi-Fi, uses a built-in scale to work out when products are running low on stock. If the on-hand stock has fallen below a certain weight, it automatically places an order to re-stock the shelf, or instead sends a notification to an individual within the organisation.

The shelf comes in three sizes and can be simply placed under a pile of items. It has initially been designed for small businesses to help them track stock levels of their office supplies, such as pens, printer paper or coffee.

Amazon is trialing the solution with a selection of small businesses in the US before a full-scale roll out next year. The company hasn’t yet announced any consumer plans.

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