Auchan launches blockchain solution

Date : 28 November 2018

Following a trial in Vietnam, Auchan is launching blockchain traceability for fresh meat and produce in France with German start-up, Te-Food.

Successful trial

The 2017 trial saw Auchan use Te-Food’s food blockchain solution, FoodChain in Vietnam to ensure the traceability of 18,000 pigs, 200,000 chickens and 2.5 million eggs. The project will shortly expand to include aubergines, mangoes and durian fruit.

Ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain

Auchan has already successfully rolled out FoodChain traceability for its organic carrots. The retailer’s organic carrots are now packed in RFID-enabled crates, with QR codes printed on all packaging. This enables the products’ traceability throughout the supply chain and is also accessible by consumers.

Expanding the solution

The solution will be applied to potatoes in December 2018, with chicken following suit in February 2019. Auchan and Te-Food are also preparing to launch blockchain traceability for Italian tomatoes, Iberian pork, exotic fruit from Spain and chicken from Portugal and Senegal.