Carrefour announces plans to take action against plastic packaging

Date : 27 February 2019

Carrefour has signed the national pact for phasing out plastic packaging by 2025.

Carrefour is one of many businesses to have signed an agreement with the ministry of ecological transition in France, solidifying its commitment to reducing plastic packaging use for good.  

Source: Carrefour

In 2018, Carrefour committed to ensuring all of the packaging used in its products being recyclable or compostable by 2025.  Carrefour is now advocating that other companies within the retail sector follow suit.

Future commitments

During 2019, traditional polystyrene trays will be replaced with cardboard in the cheese section, a change that will save 111 tonnes of plastic this year.  Carrefour will also remove the plastic sachets that surround its organic fair-trade bananas, instead identifying them with elastic bands.  This simple change will save around 23 tonnes of plastic each year, and eventually, the bands will also be made of paper.  

Carrefour has also committed to removing the plastic shrink wrap on cucumbers by March 2020, eliminating a further 6.5 tonnes of plastic.  Further to these plastic reducing initiatives, Carrefour will allow customers to bring their own containers to fresh produce stands in store, such as the delicatessen and pastry counters.

These actions are in line with Carrefour’s Act For Food programme, which has seen the retailer take solid actions to deliver against its commitments.