Carrefour expanding use of Blockchain technology

Date : 17 April 2019

As the retailer looks to continue to build the success of its Act for Food initiative globally, it has announced, with Nestle, the use of Blockchain technology for a national brand, while in Belgium it has entered into a partnership with pork supplier, Westvers.

Carrefour, Nestlé to use Blockchain for Mousline

Carrefour and Nestlé have announced that from 15 April they are using Blockchain technology to enable shoppers the opportunity to access information on the latter’s Mousline instant mashed potato product. People can scan a product from a Carrefour store in France and then receive information on the supply chain and production of that item. The information includes the varieties of potato used, the dates and places of manufacture, reports on quality control and places and dates of storage before the product reaches the shelves.

Nestlé was a founding member of the IBM Food Trust platform from 2017, while Carrefour joined in October 2018. Carrefour and Nestlé, along with IBM, collaborated for six months on the technology before its launch. The three companies said that by working together they were able to benefit each other’s differing expertise to launch the system quickly and successfully.

Carrefour Belgium partners with Westvers

Separately, Carrefour Belgium has entered into a partnership with pork supplier Westvers, to improve the traceability and quality of its products. The collaboration will see Westvers use blockchain technology in its supply chain. As with the Nestlé example, shoppers can scan a QR code on product’s packaging to allow them to discover information about its journey from the farm to Carrefour’s shelves.

Separately, Carrefour and Westvers said the agreement would enable the further development of Carrefour Quality Lines, expand buying from small producers in Belgium and allow Carrefour to grow its range of organic and veggie products.