Carrefour partners with Urbasolar to generate energy

Date : 11 February 2019

Carrefour is working with Urbasolar and investing in photovoltaic awnings in 36 of its hypermarket car parks. The initiative will support Carrefour’s climate plan.

Improving “green” credentials

Urbasolar is France’s leading supplier of independent photovoltaic awnings. The installation of these parking canopies will generate electricity for the hypermarkets’ own use. Carrefour is the first retailer in France to use this method of generating electricity for its stores.

The canopies provided by Urbasolar will cover several hundred parking spaces in each of the 36 superstores. They will provide shelter from the elements for customers of the store as well as harnessing solar power for the stores. Across the 36 stores, the panels will generate 21,000 MWh of green energy, and avoiding 210 tonnes of CO2 each year that they are functional. The power generated will be part of the energy needed to run the stores, and will make Carrefour the leading user of a self-consumption energy system in France.

Contributing to the broader CSR effort

This innovative approach illustrates Carrefour’s commitment to finding alternative energy sources and delivering against its CSR commitments.