Nestle and Carrefour use IBM’s blockchain platform to trace baby milk

Date : 18 November 2019

Nestle and Carrefour are due to use IBM’s Food Trust platform to track the supply chain of different brands of milk formula produced by Laboratoires Guigoz.

About IBM’s Food Trust platform

The platform is a hyperledger-based platform that aims to enable consumers to verify the origins of food items, hence enhancing transparency with the supply chain. Nestle and Carrefour were amongst the first companies to join IBM’s platform.

Not the first foray into blockchain

Carrefour and Nestle have already been using the technology to trace the latter’s Mousline instant mashed potato product. According to Carrefour, additional products will be traced using the technology.

Thanks to the technology, customers are able to access a range of information about a certain product by simply scanning a QR code using their phones.

The French retailer has already introduced blockchain mapping to 11 of its Carrefour Quality Lines, the latest being the ‘Camembert de Normandie’ cheese.

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