Co-op presentations


This report showcases a number of autonomous delivery examples that have been trialled or scaled up since the outbreak of COVID-19.
Using global examples from retailers including Walmart, E.Leclerc, Carrefour and Amazon, among others, we explore different click and collect formats and how retailers and operators are approaching the opportunity.
On shelf availability (OSA) provides retailers with a shopper perspective of service and a view of overall supply chain effectiveness. This report explores shopper responses to out of stock products and what retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Co-op are doing to improve OSA.
This case study looks at how SKUtrak, a SaaS platform provided by Atheon Analytics, has helped Co-op and Muller save time, effort and resource in processing and visualising large volumes of data whilst helping to grow sales. We outline the journey of this collaboration that helped 'humanise' the data, which has numerous benefits.
In this case study, find out more about the shortlisted entries for this year’s IGD Sustainable Futures Award. The finalists are: Aldi, Arla, Coca-Cola European Partners, Co-op, East of England Co-op and Tideford Organics.
Co-op customers in Milton Keynes can now have their groceries delivered by Starship Technologies robot.
Good OSA provides both retailers and manufacturers with the certainty that the supply chain is functioning effectively, allowing customers to buy what they want. We explore the significance of OSA in today’s retail environment and further understand the challenge of balancing availability rates and inventory levels, examining: * How a number of retailers are addressing the availability challenge * The key methodologies and the rationale behind them * Why some are experimenting and some consolidating * What retailers are doing to maximise OSA with increasingly stretched resources * OSA from a manufacturer perspective and how they can work with retailers to influence it * How the measurement of availability will evolve and the role technology play
Following The Co-op’s recent supplier conference, we look at some of the key initiatives that have contributed to the retailer’s recent success, as well as describing what’s to come as it continues on its journey to rebuild and renew the business.
The Co-operative is currently implementing its True North business strategy and re-fitting stores to its ‘Generation 2’ model. We visited one of its newest stores in Milton Keynes – tracking the chain from distribution centre to store to shopper, to get under the skin of how The Co-operative configures its supply chain to meet customers’ needs and the challenges of small store retailing. 
The Co-operative’s newest composite distribution centre, located in Newhouse, Scotland forms an integral part of ‘Project LIDIA’ – a programme of work established to deliver a complete overhaul of the DC network. The presentation will help you understand the role of the Newhouse DC in The Co-operative’s supply chain and explores the in-bound and outbound operation across three temperature regimes. The retailer has also implemented a range of sustainability initiatives at this site, establishing a new standard across the network.