Metro Group's International developments

Date : 09 November 2017

We bring you the latest news from Metro Group across the globe.

120 stores to open in Russia

Metro plans to open 120 stores in the Krasnodar region, under the banner Fasol. This is set to happen over the next two to three years and the first store has already been opened in the village of Vyselki. Products sold in-store are sourced locally where possible. To date, there are more than 260 stores operating under the Fasol banner.

New Wholesale concept in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, Metro, which operates there under the Makro banner has introduced a new wholesale sales concept. With a shift in strategy towards a bigger focus on services, the modern design of the new concept offers inspiring kitchen areas on the shop floor, allowing for demonstrations and inspirational workshops. The store is in Prague and is a redevelopment of an existing store. The fruit and vegetables department has been extended and a new bakery has been added. With more than 3,500 new SKU's, the retailer is responding to consumer trends, increasing the number of health focused, organic and ethnic products. Based on the results of the pilot store, the concept could be rolled out to other stores.

Metro expanding in India

Metro operates 24 Cash & Carry outlets across the country, opening eight of these in the last two years. It now plans to have 50 outlets by 2020, saying the Indian retail market has the potential to be one of its biggest markets. It is also open to introducing smaller stores in the country, as they are more efficient and have a smaller capital expenditure. Currently, high real estate prices are holding back expansion but it has recently signed an agreement in principle with India's ministry of food processing, under which it plans to invest Rs 17bn locally.