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Migros in Switzerland has reported steady sales growth in 2017,  driven in part by its strong online sales.

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Migros in Switzerland has reported steady sales growth in 2017,  driven in part by its strong online sales. Sales hit CHF 28bn (€23.9bn) Overall sales increased by 1% to CHF 28bn (€23.9bn). Domestically, sales grew by 0.9%, increasing to CHF 23.5bn (€20.1bn). However, international sales declined slightly by 0.1% to CHF 1.77bn (€1.5bn). The cooperatives declined slightly to CHF 15.6bn (€13....
Norwegian discounter, REMA 1000, has announced plans to build a new distribution centre (DC) in Stavanger, Norway. 6,000 products The new DC, which is due for completion in Q1 2018, will supply all stores in southwestern Norway with 6,000 products from ambient, fresh and frozen categories. The facility will be semi-automated, with a total capacity of 55,000 trays and 14,500 pallets. Pick...
Spanish retailer, Mercadona, is to roll out an automated order picking system at its new warehouse in Gaudix, Spain, according to press reports. Handling fresh produce Mercadona has decided to install automation its Guadix warehouse which will be in operation at the end of 2013. The system will handle order picking for fresh produce and will be responsible for storing and retrieving of p...


Co-operative retailer, Migros is the market leading food retailer in Switzerland and operates a relatively unique supply chain – each distribution centre is connected to a rail link. Discover Migros’ other supply chain priorities, network and latest updates in this two-page snapshot.

Driving up service levels and availability to shoppers is a key priority for both manufacturers and retailers. A fundamental factor in doing this is ensuring that the order picking process is both accurate and reliable. There is a growing trend, particularly among retailers, to do this by automating the case picking process. Although requiring significant capital investment, more and more retailers are finding it delivers significant operational and financial benefit. We look at one of the most recently installed operations serving 600 Migros stores in Switzerland.

The supply chain industry is evolving rapidly. Driving an incremental skills and talent shortage in its wake. Uncover the five routes to success to allow you to equip your supply chain for the challenge ahead.

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