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Sainsbury’s is set to use natural CPET, a form of recyclable plastic, as a replacement of the black plastic trays used in chilled ready meals.

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You may have recently seen a large red display unit advertising Tony’s Chocolonely in Sainsbury’s stores; you may have also seen a red shelf tray on a gondola end advertising the brand as well. Why is Tony’s Chocolonely, a very recent UK launch, getting this kind of support from Sainsbury’s? As well as its success in continental Europe, it comes down to the brand’s mission to eradicate slaver...
Sainsbury’s has started a trial of reusable bags for loose fruit and vegetables in two of its superstores, in a bid to remove plastic bags from its stores altogether. Lincoln and Kidlington superstores The trial, which takes place in Lincoln and Kidlington superstores, will run until August. It is intended to encourage customers not only to use reusable bags, but also to bring their own con...
Sainsbury’s plans to setup water refill stands at its cafes which will enable its customers to fill their own re-usable bottles with water. 326 supermarkets, starting from August Fresh water stands will be available in cafes across 326 supermarkets starting from August. The move aims to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic bottles. Source: Sainsbury's In addition, customers ...


On shelf availability (OSA) provides retailers with a shopper perspective of service and a view of overall supply chain effectiveness. This report explores shopper responses to out of stock products and what retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Co-op are doing to improve OSA.
Food and grocery businesses are undergoing significant change and there’s no doubt that our food and grocery supply chains will have to adapt to mitigate risk and grow. In this report, we first explore the latest developments within the convenience space: * Convenient solutions * Range sophistication * Testing new concepts * Technology In addition, we look at five characteristics of strong convenience supply chains: * High availability * Accurate forecasting * Strong warehouse management * Flexible logistics * Being future-proofed
We bring together the latest insights from 2018’s IGD Supply Chain Summit. Here are the main topics that business leaders, academics, supply chain directors and more have discussed: * The contribution of supply chains in business growth * The challenge of food integrity and trust, along with some corresponding solutions * The benefits of connecting and collaborating * How to get the most from technology and people In addition, we display a few tangible examples of how businesses have connected their supply chains through technology, aligned objectives, and how they have focused on their SC design and circularity.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the UK government’s independent forecasting body, has issued a new edition of its regular Fiscal Risks Report.

This includes interesting content, relevant to grocery businesses. Chapter Nine examines climate change as a threat to economic performance and fiscal outcomes

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