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Retailers are looking at ways to limit the use of plastic throughout their supply chains. The initiatives aim to balance the need to protect the quality of products, while also reducing their use of plastic and, therefore, their impact on the environment. We look at four ways retailers are aiming to reduce their use of plastics.

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Food and grocery delivery service Deliveroo has signed up more than 200 independent and symbol convenience stores and off licences in London, according to reports from The Grocer. On-demand grocery deliveries In an effort to expand its reach of on-demand grocery delivery, Deliveroo has signed up over 200 symbol and independent convenience stores across London. Partner retailers include Budgen...
Sainsbury’s has committed to slash its plastic packaging by half by 2025, through the introduction of alternative refill options and materials. A “transformational leap in thinking” required Sainsbury’s is co-hosting a summit on the 13th of September with the Natural Environment Research council (NERC), part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), which brings together suppliers, researchers ...
Sainsbury’s is testing a reverse vending technology designed by Tomra Collection Solutions, a reverse vending specialist. The solution is compatible with glass, PET bottles and cans. The trial, which will take place in Newbury, Berkshire is a first of its kind in England due to the inclusion of glass. This is made possible by a new machine, capable of compacting material. Sainsbury’s will trial ...


Each year, we call out the trends we believe will most influence supply chains in the year to come. In this report, we detail our selection, bringing to life our thinking with case studies and raising questions and considerations to help you capitalise.
In this report, we explore ranging strategies, highlighting the implications of choices on the supply chain activities of both retailers and manufacturers.
On shelf availability (OSA) provides retailers with a shopper perspective of service and a view of overall supply chain effectiveness. This report explores shopper responses to out of stock products and what retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury's and Co-op are doing to improve OSA.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the UK government’s independent forecasting body, has issued a new edition of its regular Fiscal Risks Report.

This includes interesting content, relevant to grocery businesses. Chapter Nine examines climate change as a threat to economic performance and fiscal outcomes

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