Tesco presentations


In a joint initiative with Marshall Fleet Solutions, Tesco has introduced an HGV trailer with 100% solar-powered refrigeration units.
Your guide to key developments, operations and strategic priorities.
This case study looks at how Tesco and Satalia created a bespoke routing and scheduling solution that increased Tesco’s last mile delivery efficiency.
Tesco is launching a nationwide innovative scheme to stop food from going to waste.
Retailers' strategies and business models are evolving. They are increasingly building alliances with each other, IT and tech companies and others to enable them to build skill and scale quickly. These collaborations are also helping them deal with challenges that require greater global cooperation or are too big to be dealt with as individual companies.
In this report, we explore multiple examples of how retailers, but also foodservice and catering suppliers are reaching out to shoppers, in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
This report explores the Loop platform, from TerraCycle, detailing what its introduction could mean for key stakeholders in the supply chain.
Waste management and prevention is a topic of paramount importance for the food industry. This report will help you understand different types of waste, industry standards and initiatives as well as how to best measure and manage waste.
This case study looks at how Tesco used its scale to optimise transport through collaboration. The work covered in this case study has seen Tesco shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 IGD Supply Chain Excellence award category.
Read this report and see why synchronisation matters, how you can improve it and the benefits of doing so.