Walmart India and Flipkart to invest in start-up Ninjacart

Date : 16 December 2019

Flipkart, India’s largest online retailer, and its parent company Walmart have announced a joint investment in Bengaluru-based fresh produce supply chain management company Ninjacart.

Strengthening direct sourcing of fresh produce

The new partnership will bolster direct sourcing of fresh produce for Walmart India’s Best Price Modern Wholesale stores and Flipkart’s online grocery arm Flipkart Supermarket.

According to the firms, the collaboration will focus on broadening access to quality produce both for consumers and the retailers that supply it.

About Ninjacart

Founded in 2015, Ninjacart develops supply chain algorithms and uses big data, predictive analytics, mobile applications and the Internet of Things to operate a just-in-time supply chain that connects farmers to retailers, through a network of 1200 warehouses and 200 collection centres across India.

Krish Iyer, President and CEO, Walmart India said: “Ninjacart’s focus on direct-from-farm sourcing resonates well with Walmart’s commitment to supporting farmers in India. We are working towards our commitment of sourcing 25% of produce in our Best Price cash-and-carry stores directly from farmers by 2023.”

He adds: “This would help accelerate market access for them and reduce transportation costs. Our new partnership with Ninjacart will help us create more opportunities for smallholder farmers and boost rural incomes while also improving access to high-quality produce for all our members including kiranas, hotels, restaurants and businesses around India.”

Flipkart Group CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy commented: “Developing Flipkart Supermart over the past year, we have focused on creating the right infrastructure; supporting local farmers, producers and food processors; and building sustainability into the ecosystem, all while creating thousands of new jobs and bringing quality, convenience and value to consumers.”

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