Availability and service presentations


This report reveals the results of IGD’s 2022 benchmarking survey on on-shelf availability (OSA). It includes OSA performance and target levels at category level. It also explores how OSA is measured.
This report reveals the results of IGD’s 2022 benchmarking survey on inbound service.
Learn how online orders are being fulfilled and what it means for your business.
A selection of 8 case studies from the food and consumer goods industry, demonstrating how technology is transforming supply chains.
This report brings together information on leading retailers’ online operations development and what these will mean in 2022.
In the year to come, supply chains will continue to underpin food and consumer goods businesses, and in this report, we highlight the trends that we expect to shape in supply chains.
In the final part of the “understanding grocery ecommerce supply chains” series, this report introduces seven key availability challenges and recommends potential fixes.
Since the start of COVID-19, quick commerce has been one of the fastest growing and innovative segments of the food and consumer goods industry.
The IGD recently ran a virtual roundtable event, in which senior supply chain professionals gathered to share and discuss the key challenges the industry currently faces in relation to maintaining good online availability and the actions that could be taken in order to see some improvement.
This report explores how rail freight has the potential to become the long-term answer to the driver shortage issue, and a catalyst to improving sustainability credentials.