Availability and service presentations


In the past suppliers had believed their ability to influence on shelf availability stopped at the point of delivery.  Our latest research shows this is changing, and that retailers and manufacturers recognise the need to work together to drive up availability levels. We asked businesses across the globe in food and grocery what the main causes of poor availability are, and what they believe are the most successful strategies for improvement.
Spanish retailer Eroski has completed a project to boost availability both statistically and aesthetically. It essentially wanted to stop stocking “fresh air”. Read this presentation to find out the six steps Eroski took to achieve this, including the outsourcing of a demand forecasting system and the introduction of standardised planograms.
Morrisons was the last of the big four supermarkets in the UK to develop a full online home-delivery grocery offer. This case study takes you through the journey Morrisons has been on which culminated in a partnership with online retailing specialist Ocado.
Kellogg’s award-winning initiative has seen the company overhaul its picking operation, introducing a new automated system based on cubing. The results have been dramatic – a step change in customer service and productivity improving by 40%.
Procter and Gamble’s recent announcement that it is selling more than half of its brands is part of a growing trend for FMCG manufacturers. Here we look at the different techniques being employed and offer four reasons why we think they are doing this.
Nestlé’s vision is to become an industry leader in on-shelf availability. The manufacturer has created a simple methodology providing guidance on how to measure, improve and sustain on-shelf availability in international markets. Joint sales and supply chain teams have been set-up to partner with customers and focus on on-shelf availability with impressive results.

IGD’s Product Availability event brought together commercial and supply chain teams from across the FMCG industry to share insight to improve on-shelf availability. This presentation draws out the highlights from the day and is split into four themes – the size of the prize, getting beneath the barriers, pulling the levers of growth and going to the next level.