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Nuro is a leading California-based technology company specialised in developing and operating electric self-driving vehicles that are designed to deliver groceries.
This case study looks at how Tesco and Satalia created a bespoke routing and scheduling solution that increased Tesco’s last mile delivery efficiency.
Alibaba’s research and innovation institute, DAMO Academy, announced the large-scale rollout of its fleet of autonomous robots for last-mile deliveries.
Walmart recently announced that it is trialling drone delivery. In its latest effort to test the concept it has teamed up with Zipline to launch a first-of-its-kind drone delivery operation in the U.S.
This report looks at what OTIF is, how it is calculated, and explores ways to introduce and improve this important metric.
Zabka is testing an innovative parcel handling method, that does not require involvement from a shop assistant.
Robotics company Refraction AI has partnered with The Produce Station, an independently owned grocer in Michigan, to offer customers contactless delivery via its autonomous robot.
This case study looks at how SH Pratt Group’s Halo Value Added Services facility transformed and optimised long-distance fresh produce supply chains to the UK.
This report showcases a number of autonomous delivery examples that have been trialled or scaled up since the outbreak of COVID-19.
A Toronto based entrepreneur aims to launch ‘Grocery Neighbour’, a fleet of trucks that will operate like a supermarket on wheels.