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UPS drone delivery subsidiary UPS Flight Forward (UPSFF) teams up with German drone-maker Wingcopter to develop the next generation of package delivery drones for a variety of use cases in the US and internationally.
This report looks at into what is required to re-start foodservice supply chains, looking at considerations from the points of view of foodservice outlets, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers.
As companies start to consider what the future of retail looks like in a post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) world, we present 10 hypotheses focused on society, shoppers and retail.
Woolworths has partnered with Australia Post and DHL Supply Chain to launch the Woolworths Basics Box.
To facilitate delivery efficiency and minimize human contact, JD.com's 7FRESH supermarket set up five smart vending machines in Beijing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
This report looks at specific examples of how Asia’s advanced ecommerce environment and the use of emerging delivery technologies assisted supply chains during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.
A weekly update highlighting five of the recent changes in shopper behaviour and sentiment we have seen in our ShopperVista data looking at financial confidence, changing shopping missions, store choice drivers and channel usage.
In this piece, we detail the circumstances and explore actions manufacturers may consider to mitigate issues and to help maximise availability in the days and weeks to come.
As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic affects more parts of the country, we summarise the latest responses from food retailers in the UK to ensure stores function as efficiently as possible and food and groceries remain accessible to all.
We take a look at the online shopper impact of Coronovirus COVID-19, looking at changes in behavior of online shopping.