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We take a look at the online shopper impact of Coronovirus COVID-19, looking at changes in behavior of online shopping.
To try and stop shoppers panic buying products in stores retailers have been displaying high demand products at the front of store, along with allowing media into their warehouses.
We highlighted five of the recent changes in shopper behaviour and sentiment we had seen in our ShopperVista data earlier this week – here, we take a deep dive into that data and explore the underlying trends among different demographics.
We highlight five of the recent changes in shopper behavior and sentiment we have seen in our ShopperVista data
We detail the current circumstances and explore actions retailers may consider to mitigate issues and to help maximise availability in the days and weeks to come.
We summarise learnings that can be taken from how retailers, suppliers and shoppers in Asia have responded to some of the challenges raised by Coronavirus (COVID 19).
We summarise activity from retailers as they respond with urgency and empathy to the evolving COVID 19 pandemic.
Just Eat, the online food delivery company, will launch an aerial drone delivery trial in Ireland. The company has partnered with drone delivery company Manna Drone Delivery. The trial is set to take place in Dublin in March 2020.
Walgreens Boots Alliance is officially in flight with a pilot of on-demand drone deliveries in Virginia, US.
The emergence of omnichannel retailing has challenged the way availability is both measured and perceived. Read this report to understand the differences between channels, what these mean for accurate measurement and the ways you can improve your performance.