Store of the future 2030

Nick Miles
Head of Insight (Global)

This report provides our vision for how food and consumer goods stores will evolve over the next decade. The world in 2030 will look very different to today and how people shop for their food and consumer goods is changing rapidly. Traditional store operating models are coming under significant strain and we believe that retailers and suppliers need to work harder to evolve store formats to ensure that they reflect how people shop today and will do in the future.

Inside this report:

  • Why stores need to evolve and how COVID-19 has accelerated this debate
  • The world in 2030: drivers of change and what the world will look like
  • Data showcasing the global store landscape and the growth of online grocery sales by 2030
  • Our new model for how we believe the Store of the Future 2030 will evolve
  • A detailed view into five themes that will shape the Store of the Future 2030
  • What to expect from the store of the future, including 45 predictions for how stores will evolve
  • What this mean for suppliers, both today and moving forwards