The future of quick commerce

Rachel Sibson

Since the start of COVID-19, quick commerce has been one of the fastest growing and innovative segments of the food and consumer goods industry. In this report, the final of our four-part series, we explore:

  • Markets that suit quick commerce
  • How quick commerce operators will develop and how can they stand out?
  • How will retailers respond?
  • Players to watch
  • Quick commerce sustainability and innovation

In part one we introduce quick commerce, the operating models and how it looks by region. We explore the UK as a case study with the latest shopper insights including who's using it, what are they buying and is it sticking?

In part two, we explore best practice from quick commerce pure plays, aggregators and retailers, and the opportunities for retailers.

In part three, we explore supplier best practice, how your approach will vary by business model, and opportunities for suppliers.