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This report looks at specific examples of how Asia’s advanced ecommerce environment and the use of emerging delivery technologies assisted supply chains during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

We detail the current circumstances and explore actions retailers may consider to mitigate issues and to help maximise availability in the days and weeks to come.

We share how retailers, from across the globe, are communicating to online shoppers in the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

We share how UK online retailers are using online content, operations and supply chain to help colleagues and shoppers.

Here we take a deeper look at the shopper impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), looking at the response from different groups of shoppers

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The EU has instructed member states to take steps to improve the flow of goods across borders during the Coronavirus crisis.

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George Eustice, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has published an open letter, thanking all who work in the food and grocery industry for serving the public during the Coronavirus outbreak. He writes: “… I am personally enormously proud and thankful for all the work that you have done in recent weeks, and will be asked to do in the weeks ahead. In many cases you...
With online grocery demand continuing to increase, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we look at how Kroger in the US is trialling a pickup only store. Alternative shopping methods With shoppers looking for alternative ways to shop for groceries, and online services finding it difficult to maintain service levels, Kroger has converted a store in Cincinnati to pickup only, through its ClickList s...
As the UK approaches the end of its first week under near lockdown, we look at how the grocery sector is adapting to new operating conditions. Improving safety for customers and colleagues Retailers have moved at pace to design and install safeguarding screens to protect customers and colleagues. To reduce the risk of transmission, some retailers are limiting the numbers of customers in-sto...

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